I ate GOAT’S FEET for NBA 2K21

Troydan attempts the NBA2K21 NBA Finals Goat's Feet Challenge
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  • At 7:53 Troy was glitching

    Rif MusicRif Music7 saatler önce
  • 7:52 man looked like he was possessed

    Xavier 86Xavier 8617 saatler önce
  • He pulled a pink diamond on the 8th pack with Kobe jersey

    Branson BeaverBranson Beaver20 saatler önce
  • lets gOOOO he pull up w the Kobe jersey

    James GrierJames Grier21 saatler önce
  • You can still see the tag on the jersey

    Carter CurryCarter Curry21 saatler önce
  • Mom: “Go play with the neighbors kid outside” The neighbor’s kid: 7:26, 7:52, 12:07, 16:26

    Caleb MartinezCaleb Martinez23 saatler önce
  • LeBron

    YaBoiAlpakaYaBoiAlpakaGün önce
  • yo i got bannned for no reason on your server dis

    ItsMemeTimeItsMemeTimeGün önce
  • Anyone watchin. 2 weeks late🙄

    Jake NuzzJake Nuzz2 gün önce
  • One day I’m gonna be a NBA star and I’m gonna be on his pack and play just wait😈

    John MillingtonJohn Millington3 gün önce
  • baby dan clown dan

    Sonya AllenSonya Allen3 gün önce
  • LeBron

    Fliavidalcatron VcFliavidalcatron Vc4 gün önce
  • Dawg why goats feet shit gonna make me throw up watching 🤢

    Ryan DohmRyan Dohm4 gün önce
  • Me when I hear he is not play donkey cong Me:WHHYYYYYYYYYYYY WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME

    Sarah LeClairSarah LeClair4 gün önce

    Rajendra KhosyirioRajendra Khosyirio4 gün önce
  • I love how he does an introduction when he gets smoething then plays with it

    hakhak5 gün önce
  • this is so funny

    hakhak5 gün önce
  • 🤮

    Marites SorianoMarites Soriano5 gün önce
  • You should fry it troy . It taste much better if you deep fry it.

    Ken HaliliKen Halili6 gün önce
  • african people are laughing at troy rn

  • 5:37 me typing Addisonre into TikTok

    Jodin HassellJodin Hassell8 gün önce
  • Watching troys stream and punching the wall by him keeping chauncy over wall and Stockton

    mr rigmanzmr rigmanz8 gün önce
  • I was here when this first are out lmao just didn’t comment

    Simeon CharlotSimeon Charlot9 gün önce
  • Lol

    Thanatos 13Thanatos 139 gün önce
  • He’s gonna eat beans for Kobe next video

    Penis McGeePenis McGee9 gün önce
  • I thought this was click bait but troydan pulled through crazy sumbitch

    Fgtrggh TgcddrFgtrggh Tgcddr10 gün önce
  • Sooo uhhh yeah......just searched up Steve Kerr sons name Nick kerr.....let that sink in😕

    topaz jaytopaz jay10 gün önce
  • Troy take the tag of the Kobe jersey

    James HampsonJames Hampson10 gün önce
  • “It’s always nice when magic cooooooomes”

    CP ClipsCP Clips11 gün önce
  • I opened one of the 10500 packs and got lebron and he is crazy

    CallMeMoseyCallMeMosey11 gün önce
  • Canabelism

    IdolzIdolz11 gün önce
  • Lebron

    Zack ManakisZack Manakis12 gün önce
  • He should do his old hairstyle that would be awesome

    Insist ?Insist ?12 gün önce
  • OMGGG u are my best youtuber i love u so muchhhhhh just keep going man

    Dino ĐurekDino Đurek12 gün önce
  • he got moses on the 8th pack in the 8th box

    DiveklopsDiveklops12 gün önce
  • Why does he torture himself like this

    Joshua TorresJoshua Torres12 gün önce
  • “Watch With Your Eyes Closed” Troydan 2020

    VeryGawdlyVeryGawdly13 gün önce
  • Troyden gets more views when he does these stupid challenges, if he’s just opened packs normally, nobody would watch him

    FedFed13 gün önce
    • 🧢

      Not SteveNot Steve13 gün önce
  • Actually goats feet is delicacy here on philippines it’s called “binukugang kaldereta”❤️🐐

    General ProblemGeneral Problem13 gün önce
  • I’m I the only one that saw that on pack 8 box 8 he pulled a pink diamond wall he had a number 8 on for Kobe

    Kobe CurryKobe Curry13 gün önce
  • He should have put on a Jordan jersey and he could have been jor-dan

    slurpin glizzyslurpin glizzy13 gün önce
  • This is my 2nd favorite one XD, my favorite of all time is the cat food ONE🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    PoshPosh13 gün önce
  • Troys the GOAT of the 2k community

    Kool GeniusKool Genius13 gün önce
  • When your mom packs you a healthy lunch and you have to eat it 6:55 - 7:05

    grayson dubosgrayson dubos13 gün önce
  • Sounds like Mr.Krabs when he sees Ms.Puff

    Canof SwerveCanof Swerve14 gün önce

    Crow GamingCrow Gaming14 gün önce
  • I hate your channel

    Crow GamingCrow Gaming14 gün önce
  • gross , but cool

    wsf quanwsf quan14 gün önce
  • Where curry 😂

    RadLukeJukesRadLukeJukes14 gün önce
  • 8th box, 8th pack,kobe💯

    Arkeen ArellanoArkeen Arellano14 gün önce
  • Man that Megaman theme

    Eejay AyasakiEejay Ayasaki14 gün önce
  • 7:47 when Troy Dan is in bed

    Ishy 17Ishy 1714 gün önce
  • Those are definitely pigs feet

    Mike BirdMike Bird14 gün önce
  • finna beat to this]

    sick gamersick gamer14 gün önce
  • Nobody: Troydan: dresses up as a kangaroo for views

    Cayden Loren ChristoffersonCayden Loren Christofferson15 gün önce
  • He has to eat animal balls let’s gooo

    Cristian ScaffaroCristian Scaffaro15 gün önce
  • Did anyone notice? No Mj!!!😡

    Jonathan AguilarJonathan Aguilar15 gün önce
    • Or Kobe

      Jonathan AguilarJonathan Aguilar15 gün önce
  • Troydan didnt you say that miami where gonna win 4 to 2 nope there winners

    Geo gonzalezGeo gonzalez15 gün önce
  • 8 24

    Jace OhaganJace Ohagan15 gün önce
  • Ata boy troy

    Dilly DillyDilly Dilly15 gün önce
  • Ur cooking it wrong if mom cooked that u well like it

    mike playboimike playboi15 gün önce
  • When cooked nicely, goat's feet actually tastes good.

    Christopher Al UyChristopher Al Uy15 gün önce
  • New video notification: Me: dam a new video from Troydan Troydan: I eat Goats feet in 2k21 Me: 😐😏

    II Alpha II- Gaming & MoreII Alpha II- Gaming & More15 gün önce
  • Nick Kerr

    Slimeballkam265Slimeballkam26515 gün önce

    King ProductionsKing Productions15 gün önce
  • Yeah im the reward

    Chauncey BowensChauncey Bowens15 gün önce
  • 8 24

    Timothy HammondsTimothy Hammonds16 gün önce
  • I’m not going to lie goat feet be bussin with hot sauce, rice, and beans. Shit is good.

    galactic offitalgalactic offital16 gün önce
  • Dude troydan without a doubt makes the best content on TRmore I’m sitting in my basement getting hyped screaming and yelling about watching him play 2K when a person gets you into the game like that you know it’s good

    Matthew BrodeurMatthew Brodeur16 gün önce
  • Why did you eat goat feet???

    Diego LatiniDiego Latini16 gün önce
  • This remind me of avengers infinity war.

    Parker MillerParker Miller16 gün önce
  • Troys intro made him seem ALMOST normal

    Mrigank RoutMrigank Rout16 gün önce
  • This his only account? I assumed this dude wouldve had that rank 40 PD Steph Curry by now

    Roberto HernandezRoberto Hernandez16 gün önce
  • Do a 2k20 throwback

    Brad FergusonBrad Ferguson16 gün önce

    WavesSZNWavesSZN16 gün önce

    Kyle CervantesKyle Cervantes16 gün önce
  • f in the chat for troydan

    Robert ShardlowRobert Shardlow16 gün önce
  • Next up...cow tongue...its great if made right...

    rellog83rellog8316 gün önce
  • Is there some one pointing a gun to you head

    Potato curvPotato curv16 gün önce
  • Why does he hat Chauncey so much🤔🤷🏽‍♂️??

    YT Clipz BNYT Clipz BN16 gün önce
  • I'm sure its worse cus he ain season it at all

    Tom BrazyTom Brazy16 gün önce
  • You ate 4 goats lebron,jordan,kobe and zaza pachulia

    kaizer rodriguezkaizer rodriguez16 gün önce
  • Anyone else here after Lakers won the championship

    Javier CarrolaJavier Carrola16 gün önce
  • You know blaze enjoyed troys gagging

    Short GiraffeShort Giraffe16 gün önce
  • am i the only one how thinks that looks good

    Connor SimmonsConnor Simmons16 gün önce
  • eww it made a crunchy noise

    RXN Sighfy2kRXN Sighfy2k16 gün önce
  • Um thats not vegan

    Jordan RichardsJordan Richards16 gün önce
  • animal feet ain’t bad y’all

    Jordan ObyJordan Oby16 gün önce
  • now you have to eat a pig testicle

    Jonas NuttbrockJonas Nuttbrock16 gün önce
  • 10:32 made me cry laugh!!!

    Jonas NuttbrockJonas Nuttbrock16 gün önce
  • I have water I have Vaka ketchup mustard ok 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Mali WoodMali Wood16 gün önce
  • Am I the only one who thought goat feet sounds good and he is over exaggerating

    Shadon BoswellShadon Boswell17 gün önce
  • the first time he ate the goat feet, if he hates it so much why would he eat it again after the first time he swallowed it

    Daniel SmithDaniel Smith17 gün önce
  • If I can give this video 1 million likes I would

    Javy AntonioJavy Antonio17 gün önce
  • 10:45 ayo

    Pure_range YTPure_range YT17 gün önce
  • Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww

    Tom StevensonTom Stevenson17 gün önce

    M&C 2KM&C 2K17 gün önce
  • Troydan “I just swallowed goat hair” now you got Goat DNA in you

    Conner BurnsConner Burns17 gün önce
  • troy you should do a simp draft

    Elijah JeudineElijah Jeudine17 gün önce
  • Toxic_ GuardToxic_ Guard17 gün önce