Among us w/ Piggy, MMG, Poof, DonJ, Blaze, Icarus, Eddie, Fungas & Zesty

Troydan plays Among us with Piggy, MMG, Poof, DonJ, Blaze, Icarus, Eddie, Fungas & Zesty




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    TroydanTroydan27 gün önce
    • Skor

      Calem YontCalem Yont2 gün önce
    • Troy made my head want to explode when he couldn’t do the simple electric maze task

      V CV C25 gün önce
    • RealYukioOutit p

      king canoking cano25 gün önce
    • Ok

      Luis GomezLuis Gomez26 gün önce
    • Ww

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  • sad songs

    Ajay BagoriaAjay Bagoria5 gün önce
  • Devin Booker

    Devin BookerDevin Booker7 gün önce
  • All star cast!

    JMeza7JMeza77 gün önce

    LakersFan81LakersFan818 gün önce
  • "Bob* amp" Is that a player? I-

    シHachiimiシHachiimi8 gün önce
  • zacefron thehill roddyricch giantess brawlhalla

    Thao NguyenThao Nguyen10 gün önce
  • fucking blaze

    NM lincNM linc10 gün önce
  • Troydan say this Maliit titi ko That is goodmorning have a good day everyone

    niana _niana _11 gün önce
  • Who is the one with the girl voice

    John Michael FurnishJohn Michael Furnish11 gün önce
  • blaze sucks at this game

    Marshall MurphyMarshall Murphy12 gün önce
  • Piggy murked troydan

    Ok JahOk Jah12 gün önce
  • Hey troydan LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING. BOBO AMP,TANGA IS AN CURSE WORD.ok ? Thats am filipino curse word.Dont trust Filipino Channel ok?

    James DelrosarioJames Delrosario12 gün önce
  • Where's blaze wtf


    Landon WhitingLandon Whiting13 gün önce

    BlueGuuyBlueGuuy13 gün önce
  • Troydan has fried his brain lmao, he follows someone in every game but as soon as someone does it to him he thinks that’s the killer lmao, like he was running away from Icarus in the cafeteria when the body was discovered in the bottom of the map and he thinks he is the killer lmao

    Reijo MysteerioReijo Mysteerio13 gün önce
  • This is the first time in a while that I saw that much spam in a stream chat 😆

    Yeet ForeverYeet Forever15 gün önce
  • Even though Blaze is hella sus, the “Let’s go BITCHEESS

    Zachary SerranoZachary Serrano15 gün önce
  • hes drunk that water with nothing in it 80x times i cant be the only who noticed

    LSX BRAXLSX BRAX15 gün önce
  • This group is 🔥🔥🔥

    YoItsFreshyYoItsFreshy15 gün önce
  • Bro fungus hit puberty

    Reigan LladocReigan Lladoc15 gün önce
  • Look at his piggy

    • Look at his chat piggy

  • Tanga

    NOOKIE8599NOOKIE859916 gün önce
  • Bro there’s too much gods in here, piggy, MMG, Eddie, blaze exc.

    That’s TuffThat’s Tuff16 gün önce
    • That’s Tuff fax

      Landon WhitingLandon Whiting13 gün önce
  • troydan, i never knew you but when i watch your video playing among us (Filipino) i laugh very much coz u didnt know what they say lmao HAHA More Vids with filipino Troydan, Im filipino btw and i sub to you

    Lhekma yotinLhekma yotin16 gün önce
  • Blazeeeeee

    Virus DrippVirus Dripp16 gün önce
  • troys mic looks like a suppressed pistol lmao

    INeed Ammo!INeed Ammo!16 gün önce
  • Bubu mo amp

    DEMCDEMC16 gün önce
  • i wish i can play with troydan

    Mr.HanungGamesMr.HanungGames16 gün önce
  • 1:44:50 His One Imposter Round

    VO1DVO1D16 gün önce
  • What video is the one he plays with filipino kids

    Jairus Kristian ZulaybarJairus Kristian Zulaybar16 gün önce
  • Hey troydan the bobo amp is filipino language they say your so dumb fuck

    lucita jandalucita janda16 gün önce
  • Who else saw him on tictoc!! 😆😆

    BLINK BlackPinkBLINK BlackPink16 gün önce
    • @Cyrus Jhondelle Navarro saan? 😵

      BLINK BlackPinkBLINK BlackPink15 gün önce
    • di pala dito HAHAHAHA

      Cyrus Jhondelle NavarroCyrus Jhondelle Navarro15 gün önce
    • @Thaliana Inquisterlex Hahaha hahaha!!!!!

      BLINK BlackPinkBLINK BlackPink16 gün önce
    • @Cyrus Jhondelle Navarro sameeeeee!!!! 😭😭😭

      BLINK BlackPinkBLINK BlackPink16 gün önce
    • alam mo kung saan part??potek kanina pako nag hahanap e

      Cyrus Jhondelle NavarroCyrus Jhondelle Navarro16 gün önce
  • Bobo means moron

    Jericho MollJericho Moll16 gün önce
  • Amp......

    Julius Dy IcoJulius Dy Ico16 gün önce
  • U just got a filipino sub because of u joining the filipino server❤❤❤❤❤❤

    -.--_--.--_-16 gün önce
    • Timestap please

      ZachyswaveZachyswave16 gün önce
  • Eddies a legend

    Drippy Zebra224Drippy Zebra22417 gün önce
  • Who watched all 2 hours

    ImposterImposter17 gün önce
  • Wow blaze donj zesty fungus and Eddie this is some 2018

    ARush8001ARush800117 gün önce
  • Holt OGs now Icarus

    Noah Da SilvaNoah Da Silva17 gün önce
  • Ttt%=tt re yu re re e he 4jjj4jjjynjbjjy tt thou d deferred heh tee hee gggtttt

    paid_killa killapaid_killa killa17 gün önce
  • 46:06 Icarus is a actual goat

    ZINXZINX18 gün önce
  • EDDIE!!!

    Ethan DrookEthan Drook18 gün önce
  • This was such a good video. Icarus is a king

    John CosterJohn Coster18 gün önce
  • Do those ppl actually talk like that?

    JeremyJeremy18 gün önce

    GOKUGOKU18 gün önce
  • MMG best madden TRmorer

    BB vAncientBB vAncient18 gün önce
  • Can i join

    Alexther GamingAlexther Gaming18 gün önce
  • how tf troydan playing w these fictional characters

    vdchgffgvvdchgffgv18 gün önce
    • Blaze is cool

      Ryan CheekRyan Cheek18 gün önce
  • Lakers 2020 Champions

    Lethal BoardzLethal Boardz18 gün önce
  • I missed icarus so much bro😂 He’s hilarious

    OS_OverkillOS_Overkill19 gün önce
  • U an OG if u know everyone

    Alex TanakaAlex Tanaka19 gün önce
  • oink oink

    Corupted NameCorupted Name19 gün önce
  • Finally after all these years... I have them all

    Hamish BruceHamish Bruce19 gün önce
  • Blaze is so different when hes serious hes like, Normal

    Karyn ColemanKaryn Coleman19 gün önce
  • *Fungas being white* Fungas: "How do I go into the vents like white" what a sped

    Dominic JacksonDominic Jackson19 gün önce
  • Does fungus have a yt

    Thatz GweenThatz Gween19 gün önce
  • Who else loves Icarus, he is so funny 😂.

    TDJ 14TDJ 1419 gün önce
  • No ad? Troy a fucking goat

    Ndumiso NkhomaNdumiso Nkhoma20 gün önce
  • I can’t wait for piggy to be like 15 one day

    Seth BurkeSeth Burke20 gün önce
  • 1

    Darius DoughtyDarius Doughty20 gün önce
  • nailpolish news davidlaid despacito bealright wtf

    Nam NguyenNam Nguyen20 gün önce
  • wait zesty has a kid?

    Jev is lifeJev is life20 gün önce
    • @Joe Mangiafico troydan said it when fungas mom came

      Jev is lifeJev is life19 gün önce
    • Jev is life that’s the dumbest thing ever

      Joe MangiaficoJoe Mangiafico19 gün önce
  • Xss

    Fighter LmFighter Lm20 gün önce
  • i wish i could mute the gay guy

    The Bold PearThe Bold Pear20 gün önce
  • 39:31wow right front of everyone

    DOMIJOTO was hereDOMIJOTO was here21 gün önce
  • Bro Blaze is the best detective ever bro

    Daniel GomezDaniel Gomez21 gün önce
  • i started wacthing u for 4 years

    L PerezL Perez21 gün önce
  • Is piggy like a 30 yearold

    Patrick-Riley ObertonPatrick-Riley Oberton21 gün önce
  • Everyone loves the OINK 🐷 But I personally love the “ICARUS YOU DAMN FOOL!”

    Jake CollinsJake Collins22 gün önce
  • Ur not meant to talk in the rounds

    YRYR22 gün önce

    Gaming With The KidzGaming With The Kidz22 gün önce
  • Good to see Icarus back lol, feels so long

    Brett SBrett S22 gün önce
  • When the fuck does the video fuckin start

    CHAVEZ 559CHAVEZ 55922 gün önce

    Mark ClantonMark Clanton22 gün önce
  • Ic calling blaze baby back bitch is always hilarious especially how he says it😂

    ShawDog723ShawDog72322 gün önce
  • Where was donj

    Joey LemoineJoey Lemoine22 gün önce
  • Please play more

    Cody PeirceCody Peirce22 gün önce
  • Donj and piggy vs mmg and blaze

    Marshal WarnkeMarshal Warnke22 gün önce
  • who let blaze in the discord

    Jack NicolaiJack Nicolai23 gün önce
  • Piggy got 5 years hahaha

    Joshua SarmientoJoshua Sarmiento23 gün önce
  • Troy I am one of the richest people in the planet I want to meet you and give you 10,000,000

    Jeremiah WhiteJeremiah White23 gün önce
  • I never thought that i could have piggy mmg and Troy in one video

    Nereida Repossi SerpaNereida Repossi Serpa23 gün önce
  • How come in the chat everyone was like''TRUMP 2020 and OBAMA 2020 lol

    big smokebig smoke23 gün önce
  • Blaaaaazzzeee

    hypochonderfrosc r6hypochonderfrosc r623 gün önce
  • Only the real ogs remember icarus the lawyer

    WoodsyBoi 132WoodsyBoi 13223 gün önce
  • "I'm pretty sure that's a hate crime"😂😂

    Ravi ChandranRavi Chandran23 gün önce
  • I gotta admit piggy is def my new fav

    DQNFCHIDORI The SageDQNFCHIDORI The Sage23 gün önce
  • Eddie i miss him

    XklclbtzlkxXklclbtzlkx23 gün önce
  • Onk

    TheWes ShowTheWes Show23 gün önce
  • Does he ever ask mmg about his “ friend “

    Tsm ChubbsTsm Chubbs23 gün önce
  • Nobody: Racists: 13:23

    Danny EDanny E23 gün önce
  • Why were they saying ask mmg about his friend

    Javier ContrerasJavier Contreras23 gün önce
    • Watch his videos and you’ll find out

      Justin PrescottJustin Prescott22 gün önce
    • Because meg says that his girlfriend is his friend

      NFL All day every dayNFL All day every day22 gün önce
  • Icarus😪

  • I love Blaze, do this again!!

    ThatOneWeirdGalThatOneWeirdGal23 gün önce
  • Piggy is a girl right

    Koby MichaelsKoby Michaels24 gün önce
  • Who else thinks blaze is annoying not because he’s gay but because he’s just annoying

    Willie DobsonWillie Dobson24 gün önce
  • Just uploaded some Among Us gameplay on my channel‼️ Check it out & if you enjoyed then subscribe💯🔥

    NoLimitVaughnNoLimitVaughn24 gün önce
    • Shut up

      toe goblintoe goblin21 gün önce
  • Literally the title described my childhood

    Daniel OsayandeDaniel Osayande24 gün önce