TROYCAST #1 - Agent00, Lospollos, Cheese, KOT4Q, Phantuums, Adin & Dirk

First ever Troycast featuring Agent00, LosPollosTV, Cheeseaholic, King of the 4th Quarter, Phantuums, Adin, Dirk
King of the 4th Quarter:
Dirk: Dirk_JDR




  • Thanks for coming out to the first Troycast. Appreciate all of you more than you know. Wasn't sure how it was going to go considering I haven't slept in days but looks like you guys really enjoyed it. Let me know if you got any suggestions/ideas for the future. Thanks

    TroydanTroydan2 aylar önce
    • OK

      SalehSaleh2 aylar önce
    • @troydan u should stream nba2k20 again or maybe colab with ronnie2k

      turnt upturnt up2 aylar önce
    • Get KrispyFlakes or Flogjt

      ItzSlaYItzSlaY2 aylar önce
    • nich1480 nich1480 no

      ChristopherChristopher2 aylar önce
  • lowkey im listening to this while i do my hw

    Spongebob SquarepantsSpongebob Squarepants21 gün önce
  • I actually love Cheeseaholic

    FreehoneyFreehoney22 gün önce
  • 22:58😂🤣😂

    Nicholas ShannonNicholas ShannonAylar önce
  • waiting on that troycast #2 ....

    WhoDistinctiveWhoDistinctiveAylar önce
  • PART 2????

    SnegoSnegoAylar önce
  • Who else watched this like 7 plus times when going to sleep

    GaminnationGaminnationAylar önce
  • podcast with 2hype or mmg?

    John JohnnyJohn JohnnyAylar önce
  • Had to rewatch it since i havent seen another one. Such a great podcast

    FamousFendiFamousFendiAylar önce
  • Please do another one with the same guys

    Alex BucklinAlex BucklinAylar önce
  • hey you can name it nba 2kast

    Davy MugireDavy MugireAylar önce
  • hey how about chris smoove man. come on now

    Davy MugireDavy MugireAylar önce
  • Idk why I just watched this whole stream on TRmore lol😂

    MONKEYMONKEYAylar önce
  • I would complain about the ads but troydan going through stuff but he deserves the money

    Brody GannBrody GannAylar önce
  • Where’s Troy cast #2? I actually enjoyed watching the first one

    Sev3t G0DzSev3t G0DzAylar önce
  • 22:33 Adin Bronny story 😂

    Matthew SMatthew SAylar önce
  • Need to do this again ASAP !!!

  • Cheeseaholic is so dumbbb

    Big Bird GangBig Bird GangAylar önce

    Kannan StoneKannan StoneAylar önce
  • Cheese sound like he working at a radio station

    FrenzyFrenzyAylar önce
  • Phantuums predicted the Bucks upset lol

    Zachary FerraroZachary FerraroAylar önce
  • This is so dry lmao

    GhiroGhiroAylar önce
  • Kenny looks like that scared kid that hangs out with the cool guys but is low-key really cool just doesn't wanna say shit 😂

    Thasneem RizviThasneem RizviAylar önce
  • Krispyflakes watching them in tears right now😂😂😂

    Flight BacteriaFlight BacteriaAylar önce
  • This is cool with y'all together

    Cody KalcoCody KalcoAylar önce
  • I will subscribe to anyone who subs to me

    Papa MoosePapa MooseAylar önce
  • I will subscribe to anyone who subs to me

    Papa MoosePapa MooseAylar önce
  • 800th

    adam 1235adam 1235Aylar önce

    Imagine being a jewImagine being a jewAylar önce
  • We need Nadexe on podcast

    ThatsUnfairrThatsUnfairrAylar önce
  • is it me is agent trying to sound hard 😂😂. like he's top shit

    Zac BallarinZac BallarinAylar önce
    • @shmeatloaf No 😂

      Zac BallarinZac BallarinAylar önce
    • Zac Ballarin i didn't finish the video and he was talking a lot at the end but i mean.. is he not top shit?

      shmeatloafshmeatloafAylar önce
    • @shmeatloaf Where you watching, or are u high?

      Zac BallarinZac BallarinAylar önce
    • how? he didn't really talk that much

      shmeatloafshmeatloafAylar önce
  • This is really cool. Im learning alot

    AFMG GamezAFMG GamezAylar önce
  • Yea brockton fucked it's sad man I live 5 minutes from brockton

    McdavidTheAllstaMcdavidTheAllstaAylar önce
  • Kennnyyyyyyyyyy

    One Pond FishOne Pond Fish2 aylar önce
  • Love the first episode, started off scratchy but that’s expected for the first ep but ended up getting smooth half an hour in

    Joe lumsdenJoe lumsden2 aylar önce
  • Who’s this adin guy tho

    Drippy Zebra224Drippy Zebra2242 aylar önce
  • We need more of these

    Twitch PlugTwitch Plug2 aylar önce
  • 32:56 why it look like los gave Kenny the bottle

    YSS_ CEOYSS_ CEO2 aylar önce
  • Los really has the audacity to say he was pushing 6 ft in shoes

    Chris HansenChris Hansen2 aylar önce
  • Los=fatfuck

    Jacob RamirezJacob Ramirez2 aylar önce
  • Los is finally back in TRmore!

    VasTypesVasTypes2 aylar önce
  • Certified hood classic

    it’s just me darrellit’s just me darrell2 aylar önce
  • Funny how Kenny doesn't have the most subs but has the most people talking about him

    Anthony Z.Anthony Z.2 aylar önce
  • Never ever watched a podcast but this was gas

    Jon VJon V2 aylar önce
    • King Baller yea it is

      shmeatloafshmeatloafAylar önce
    • This isnt a podcast

      King BallerKing Baller2 aylar önce
  • onw of the funniest podcast episodes ive listened to

    xamaxxamax2 aylar önce
  • A lot of kot4q fans

    Jeremiah PensylJeremiah Pensyl2 aylar önce
  • Get chees the fuck out the the live replace is annoying ass

  • add MMG

    AlexAlex2 aylar önce
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Dylan ChismDylan Chism2 aylar önce
  • We Want PAC

    Theowitha_tTheowitha_t2 aylar önce
  • Do more of these

    unequaled baller Ballerunequaled baller Baller2 aylar önce
  • when is the next

    huh?huh?2 aylar önce
  • Los got nervous when it came to "discussing heights"

    Janith WanigasekaraJanith Wanigasekara2 aylar önce
    • I did I missed but I can’t remember where

      Ice TraeIce Trae6 gün önce
    • @Ice Trae just watch dummy

      A.A.Ron DavisA.A.Ron Davis7 gün önce
    • Time stamp?

      Ice TraeIce TraeAylar önce
  • 🔥

    iPodKingCarteriPodKingCarter2 aylar önce
    • Facts

      Snicka CatSnicka CatAylar önce
  • This was a banger

  • love your work troydan

    Aaron HoveyAaron Hovey2 aylar önce
  • Get bronny, Fanum, duke, cash, agent, Kenny, cheese, and Troy and it’s the best podcast of all time

    Jackson GondaJackson Gonda2 aylar önce
    • And Davis

      Jake BoydJake BoydAylar önce
    • And clique

      JtCanJtCan2 aylar önce
  • So many old spice ads

    itzmrmellowitzmrmellow2 aylar önce
  • 10 minutes in and I’m already dying laughing

    BananapplesauceBananapplesauce2 aylar önce
  • Yoo

    Victoria BrownVictoria Brown2 aylar önce
  • who could possibly dislike it

    Jonathan MarrewaJonathan Marrewa2 aylar önce
  • I’m just here for Kenny

    AndyAndy2 aylar önce
  • Make more

    Reese YoungReese Young2 aylar önce
  • Add solluminati and cash

    Maria AlvaradoMaria Alvarado2 aylar önce
  • We love Kenny

    Riley TurreRiley Turre2 aylar önce
  • Does anyone know what was used to make this video Podcast?I want to do something like this with a group of friends.

    Deverill CabeyDeverill Cabey2 aylar önce
  • Watched the whole thing entertainment at its finest

    Nathaniel BaackeNathaniel Baacke2 aylar önce
  • podcast ass

    OPV6OPV62 aylar önce
  • 8 people is too much

    Edp 445Edp 4452 aylar önce
  • More troycast!!!!!!

    Jack ShermanJack Sherman2 aylar önce
  • I love Kenny

    Mad VortexMad Vortex2 aylar önce
  • Agent : imma Gamer Gamer but i played other games this year also Agent: i play valorant its bonkers Me : Hold Up so u play a trash fps thats just the handicap kids version of CS Go? interesting.

    41 NEW VAWE est. 199841 NEW VAWE est. 19982 aylar önce
  • Bruh i feel Pol and Cheeese i m 5,9 and its just annoying if people talk like u smaller than u already are.

    41 NEW VAWE est. 199841 NEW VAWE est. 19982 aylar önce
  • The nba2k20 kings chillin

    nizamadamnizamadam2 aylar önce
  • what weve learned is los simps for lebron

    REF TACOREF TACO2 aylar önce
  • Im calling all you tubers out in a 1v1

    NSG JayPNSG JayP2 aylar önce
  • do part 2

    Biggie BeeGBiggie BeeG2 aylar önce
  • They rlly sat down for two hours and a half n just talked abt nonsense n styll make money no disrespect or anything all love, and I’m out here tryna make it somewhere.....

    ggg hbbggg hbb2 aylar önce
  • yo him bringin lnu up make me feel old

    Biggie BeeGBiggie BeeG2 aylar önce
  • we need old 2k agent back, best sharp on youtube, dropping 100 points a pro am game, playing competitive.

    spuhspuh2 aylar önce
  • That was a really dope idea nice troydan

    Mason HopkinsMason Hopkins2 aylar önce
  • Can't wait for Troycast #2 stay well brotha you a g

    Pratham SinghPratham Singh2 aylar önce
  • they talking about donje and when we played his team this year we messed them up by like 20 points😂

    Rahim BoldenRahim Bolden2 aylar önce
  • LNU last video was 4 Months Ago😂😂

    Cole Just TalksCole Just Talks2 aylar önce
  • U should continue this with different youtubers around the 2k community

    Jaden GoodchildJaden Goodchild2 aylar önce
  • Cheese looks like old agent

    Emilio GuruleEmilio Gurule2 aylar önce
  • Keep Kenny and dont invite Cheese back 😂

    Vex HWVex HW2 aylar önce
  • Didn’t feel like I spent 2 and half hour watching 😂. Definitely loved this 😭

    Donald CrockerDonald Crocker2 aylar önce
  • Do this again plz with duke, daviss, agent, phantom, adin, Nade that would be lit

    IAmComp-IAmComp-2 aylar önce
  • Iv never been more interested in Niggas talking about Taxes

    Clout_WhisperClout_Whisper2 aylar önce
  • This was 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Carlos GonzalezCarlos Gonzalez2 aylar önce
  • Whoever the dude is thats eating needs to not be invited back

    Big UglyBig Ugly2 aylar önce
  • Yes we do Dan, we have bagged milk here in Nova Scotia, and everyone hating the bagged milk tastes 10x better than carton milk, carton milk tastes like damn plastic and bagged milk is cheaper

    Riley WhiteRiley White2 aylar önce
  • Look at kenny man so insperational

    oc none you're buissnessoc none you're buissness2 aylar önce
  • Why is there an ad every 4 minutes

    Zachary FerraroZachary Ferraro2 aylar önce
  • 1:42:17 is the start of a hilarious conversation lmao

    KWILKSPKWILKSP2 aylar önce
  • Get YourRage and keep Agent

    Q ClarkQ Clark2 aylar önce
  • Man it was tuff when troy was talking about him and his ex especially when he talked about the house he was gonna build

    Isaiah SalmonIsaiah Salmon2 aylar önce
  • Anyone know why Kenny doesn’t do my career anymore ??

    Tsm ChubbsTsm Chubbs2 aylar önce
    • Nick Anselmo dam that sucks it was like my favorite serioes

      Tsm ChubbsTsm Chubbs2 aylar önce
    • he got bored of it i think

      Nick AnselmoNick Anselmo2 aylar önce
  • No comments about him stuffing all the adds in the first hour LOL

    Cookie KillerCookie Killer2 aylar önce
    • Jayson Tatum #1 facts lol

      Cookie KillerCookie Killer2 aylar önce
    • Finesser

      Jayson Tatum #1Jayson Tatum #12 aylar önce