We got a GALAXY OPAL Bol Bol?? WHAT? NBA 2K20

Troydan opens the new Fan Favorite packs for Bol Bol and Tacko Fall in myTeam on NBA 2K20
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  • He looks better bald

    Lucas WalawenderLucas WalawenderSaatler önce
  • 1:06 the sound of the ball perfectly matches troydan talking

    Francois Del RosarioFrancois Del RosarioGün önce
  • I can’t believe nba 2k gave troydan depreciation

    Mason WenMason WenGün önce
  • F

  • F

  • Ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

    Caiden StarkCaiden Stark5 gün önce
  • Troydan goes fast at the right time

    Christian WesleyChristian Wesley11 gün önce
  • f

    Christian WesleyChristian Wesley11 gün önce
  • October anyone

    Lucas MichalukLucas Michaluk15 gün önce
  • play Fortnite plz

    Liam EgeltonLiam Egelton16 gün önce
    • Fortnite trash

      Coobi2kCoobi2k14 gün önce
  • monytufd567rtgh789h786tr

    Liam EgeltonLiam Egelton16 gün önce

    Ya BoiYa Boi17 gün önce
  • Lets get an F in the chat for Dan and his hair

    Seth LowerySeth Lowery19 gün önce
  • Why you look bald😱🤤

    Saber BroSaber Bro20 gün önce
  • F

    Tatum CapehartTatum Capehart23 gün önce
  • Bold dan 😹😹🧠

    Leeta HinesLeeta HinesAylar önce
  • He did not do donkey Kong OMFG

    Doge VoidDoge VoidAylar önce
  • 12:38 is when he starts to open packs

    Dantaye DunbarDantaye DunbarAylar önce
  • One like is one prayer for troydans bald head

    SwizzySwizzyAylar önce
  • Fresh tity!

    Julien SiouJulien SiouAylar önce
  • Putting Kevin Durant in a fan favorite pack is like making a PB&J without peanut butter

    Overdrive ProductionsOverdrive ProductionsAylar önce
  • 12:42 is when he starts

    Shuayb KhanShuayb KhanAylar önce
  • Fresh tit

    samthemanloves Hamsamthemanloves HamAylar önce
  • Can we get a troys man pack opening???

    Lukas Doncic gamingLukas Doncic gamingAylar önce
  • You egg

    L and jL and jAylar önce
  • G

    Beast 30Beast 30Aylar önce
  • N

    Isolation-_-savageIsolation-_-savageAylar önce
  • N

    Isolation-_-savageIsolation-_-savageAylar önce

    Trena WhiteTrena WhiteAylar önce
  • This is how much troydan has spent on 2k | | V

    Giuvanni MartinezGiuvanni MartinezAylar önce
  • 15:00

    Y1TaP 1EXPY1TaP 1EXPAylar önce
  • 0:30 killed my ears

    Hudson ChanHudson Chan2 aylar önce
  • Isaac Bonga is a starter for the Wizards now :]

    I dont know a good nameI dont know a good name2 aylar önce
  • troy complaining about a galaxy opal me screaming my head off pulling a diamond lol

    Nicholas IrvingNicholas Irving2 aylar önce
  • i love how i got a better taco from locker codes

    BeamishBasket10BeamishBasket102 aylar önce
  • This is how many times Troy said coins👇🏻

    Natasha PeraltaNatasha Peralta2 aylar önce
  • It’s gonna grow back

    EclipseGamingEclipseGaming2 aylar önce
  • I bought ONE fan favorite pack and I got Galaxy Opal Tacko Fall

    I_love_cats72I_love_cats722 aylar önce
  • Egg head 🥚

    Daneille GriffinDaneille Griffin2 aylar önce
    • 🍽

      Daneille GriffinDaneille Griffin2 aylar önce
  • Lol getting one galaxy opal is going to carry my team

    GreetGreet2 aylar önce
  • bro troy looking like the grown up version of cauillou

    Bennett MerwinBennett Merwin2 aylar önce
  • Y troy look like his barber fucked him up bc he fell asleep during the haircut

    connorruizconnorruiz2 aylar önce
  • okcat llaf

    jdaksjdaks2 aylar önce
  • Mans luck so bad he couldn’t even finish shaving his hair

    Chris CompoChris Compo2 aylar önce
  • Haha haha 😂😂😂😂 when he was shaving his head the clippers stoped

    Lyssa WilliamsLyssa Williams2 aylar önce
  • Bol w , tacko L or N

    The LegendsThe Legends2 aylar önce
  • That spiderdan ASMR hit different

    Unkown UnkownUnkown Unkown2 aylar önce
  • It doesn’t look bad

    Flynn CousinFlynn Cousin2 aylar önce
  • Troydan can be the new spiderman😂😂😂

    RIP_ShAdOw _RIP_ShAdOw _2 aylar önce
  • Me when I saw him pull James harden and bol bol dad together 👁👄👁👄

    Off YessirOff Yessir2 aylar önce
  • He should spend the vc on my career sisnse he is so trash

    c ops god zeuzclutch2k gamingc ops god zeuzclutch2k gaming2 aylar önce
  • He got Alex On the 4th card out of 20

    Toombsy BoiToombsy Boi2 aylar önce

    squants2002squants20022 aylar önce
  • 2020 in a nutshell: 14:46

    ChoonguusChoonguus2 aylar önce
  • That man got a boldy

    T got the strapT got the strap2 aylar önce
  • Aug. 6

    LeeLayacanGamingLeeLayacanGaming2 aylar önce
  • 22:27 THE ONE THE ONLY

    Omer FugateOmer Fugate2 aylar önce
  • Bolbol is a delicious food here in Philippines😋yum 😂😂😂

    John Dominic IndicoJohn Dominic Indico2 aylar önce
  • He looks better bald

    Kade StottKade Stott2 aylar önce
  • Is it just me or him bald is better

    Imad MusaImad Musa2 aylar önce
  • who's herewhen bol bol is a god in the nba

    suck juniorsuck junior2 aylar önce
  • I like how trotdan opens pack and dont get what he want and then just buyes it

    VIP WilliamVIP William2 aylar önce
  • Me reading comments like 👁👄👁

    Troydan Is goatTroydan Is goat2 aylar önce
  • hi dan

    The Gunnar ッThe Gunnar ッ2 aylar önce
  • Me: Can I go to a lakers game I want to meet Alex Caruso Mom: No, we have Alex Caruso at home. Alex Caruso at home:

    SpartialSpartial2 aylar önce
  • karaoke songs

    camilla björkdahlcamilla björkdahl2 aylar önce
  • can i have a omlet

    Gabe AltomariGabe Altomari2 aylar önce
  • Why does he always play donkey Kong country

    Malachi MccutchenMalachi Mccutchen2 aylar önce
  • F

    BoiBeBassinBoiBeBassin2 aylar önce
  • holy shit I died when he was "dropping the ball"

    Mountainbiking102Mountainbiking1022 aylar önce
  • I was crying when he said I can’t see or breathe 7:51

    Sheluv_J SimpSheluv_J Simp2 aylar önce
  • I got a Taco Bell commercial

    ColeCole2 aylar önce
  • N/W

    Apollo1_ ScopesApollo1_ Scopes2 aylar önce
  • I thought for sure he was gonna scream donkey Kong country during the same part

    Warriors18Warriors182 aylar önce
  • A

    Drew WiesnerDrew Wiesner2 aylar önce
  • Troy mary me or i will steel all of you goat cards a galaxy opals

    LixsLixs2 aylar önce
  • anybody watching this in July

    Owen WoltzeOwen Woltze2 aylar önce
  • 18:10 troydan looking like OG Ronaldo lmao

    Elfviee EElfviee E3 aylar önce
  • wish i had a team like him my best player is bronze bonga

    JazleneTheKidJazleneTheKid3 aylar önce
  • cum dan

    Jacob BoyceJacob Boyce3 aylar önce
  • Ronaldo nazario

    Andrea PolitoAndrea Polito3 aylar önce
  • Alex Caruso is the best fan favorites card

    Adhi's ChannelAdhi's Channel3 aylar önce
  • For a second I thought he forgot about donkey kong

    Derek HuismanDerek Huisman3 aylar önce
  • N

    Ajstayfly811 AJAjstayfly811 AJ3 aylar önce
  • N

    Ajstayfly811 AJAjstayfly811 AJ3 aylar önce
  • Fingers

    Jamal KleitJamal Kleit3 aylar önce
  • DonJ is the size of BOBAN marjanovic

    Jamal KleitJamal Kleit3 aylar önce
  • Manute had white legs

    Jasiel SotoJasiel Soto3 aylar önce
  • Im hear after this man Bol Bol went crazy on the debut

    Doggy StyleDoggy Style3 aylar önce
  • F

    aтr_ Symphàñyaтr_ Symphàñy3 aylar önce
  • 15:46 this was my first time watching him

    J CowanJ Cowan3 aylar önce
  • Did not get me

    epicgamer kidepicgamer kid3 aylar önce
  • Bol bol went to a highschool near mine

    Nate GreeneNate Greene3 aylar önce
  • Buhtato buhtato buhtato!¡!

    jamal carltonjamal carlton3 aylar önce
  • Imagine if he forgot to record

    Sebas _Sebas _3 aylar önce
  • and today, Eggdan the great was born

    Frostyy PlasmaFrostyy Plasma3 aylar önce
  • Humpdy dumpdy

    Carolyn SykesCarolyn Sykes3 aylar önce
  • W

    Daniel Blumer-LaMotteDaniel Blumer-LaMotte3 aylar önce
  • F for the gameboys

    Poisonous SnakePoisonous Snake3 aylar önce
  • He talks so fucking much

    A IA I3 aylar önce