• This how man people think jennas bad👇👇👇👇

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  • Best couple on youtube🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😃😂😂😂😂

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  • 5:12:30

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  • Who actually watched this all

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  • 3:24:24

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  • 2k 21

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  • 6:20:00 😂😂😂

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  • he said ftd

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  • I can hear you because you're a wild on my phone

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  • 4:45:00 LMAOO why did Jenna look so suspicious of Troy 😂

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  • troy i subed

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  • Yes

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  • y’all go fw my 2k21 park gameplay videos i’ve dropped. just me and a couple other niggas chillin & running threes if you’re into that typa shit. if you don’t want to then🤷🏾‍♂️

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  • the first game tho

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  • Who would watch 7 hours of this

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  • “I don’t have tits so that’s perfect”

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  • It actually pisses me of that the chat was disrespecting him and wasnt listening to him

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  • Who exactly is jenna??

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  • Gary

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  • Who is the food reviewer in his live streams

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    • Gary

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  • L for badges being back

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  • When does his girl moan?

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    • at 5:00:40

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  • I bought the Mamba Edition but didn’t received the 100000 VC. Can someone help me and tell me what I can do ? Thanks for your help

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    • @Alexander Manteufel good

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    • George Bush yes but there was nothing. But I got it now

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    • X Dan Snipez X yeah I got it now. It only takes some time. About 30 hours. But I got everything now

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    • Alexander Manteufel have you got it

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    • @Alexander Manteufel did you check your email?

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  • Is this frobe Edition?

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  • Should I buy yet or wait

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  • Hey Troy you do know who won rookie of the year right

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  • Pray for fungus so he can make a speedy recovery

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  • new hoverboard video up on my page 1st on xbox

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  • I feel bad for troydan with his chat he’s like a substitute teacher and no one is listening

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  • 1MIL Views IN 30 HOURS!!!

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  • Troy do a myteam video

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  • I’m streaming twmorow

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  • I just know this guy from the game he is in

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  • Troy should make a WNBA career on a female version of his self. What would be a great name for a female version of troydan??

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  • same old shit.

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  • His my player is completely identical to him, and mine looks like a mix between Freddy Kruger and the fuckin kid from Mask

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  • It was the bet

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  • Zion didnt

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  • Time to get the tattoo morant won

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  • 1:00:00

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  • Ja won rookie of the year Troy now what

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  • Rip 2k20 :[

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  • Troydan ja won Roy you know what that means Troy

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  • Is the game worth buying?

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  • Jah win ROTY

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  • 3:32:48 look at the chat someone says f kobe

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    • Underrated comment

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  • Thx for no Garry I’m not a hater on garry

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  • Oink 🐷

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  • Troydan let me out off your basement

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  • Yo Troy did something happen between you and Korzemba, because he was playing and you could’ve played with him

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  • I packed diamond demarcus cousins from a free Kobe edition pack

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    • Snowy2k it’s my auto correct

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    • WalterRindom tf English

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    • Snowy2k lol you are trying to be a TRmore

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    • I asked when?

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  • I was so surprised to see 7 hours of a stream WOW

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  • Adin got me dying😂😂

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  • This game looks pretty good

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  • About to get the game today

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  • troy make a my carrer series

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  • Only no skill virgins play park

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  • She’s cloutchasing hard

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    • @KHRONIC FRIEND RIGHT?????????????

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    • Javien Elmore it’s his friend he’s known for years

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    • yo whos the girl in his video, if thats troys new girl, dead ass ive lost all respect for troy :/

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  • Reminds me of a better improved 2k16. The good days 😪❤️ thx 2k y’all actually came thru for a nigga

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  • pg troy

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  • Is that his new gf I’m confused?

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  • w

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  • nba2k21 whooo!

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  • the new season is here

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  • i don't play 2k but i like troydan, why do yall buy this every year? its always the same damn game?

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  • literally 99% wont see this but if you do,God bless you, stay safe and have a wonderful day read my name😘

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  • the rapper was dame lillard hahagagahahahahahhahah not jcole

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  • Who ever says 2k21 is good, something's wrong with you

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    • Your gonna still buy it every year

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    • The shot meter is 💩

      Aidan O’HaraAidan O’HaraAylar önce
  • Me pls i want 2k i love your vids

    Kacey GabrielKacey GabrielAylar önce
  • Who agrees there are way better players than Ja Morant why did he win MVP

    DavonloDavonloAylar önce
  • Yeah you always look white but very tan in all of your vids

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  • More videos with Jenna. For the culture.

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  • Nothing NBA2K20 seems to have changed

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  • Wtf

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  • Lol ja won roty can’t wait to see his next video

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  • Who’s here before the burnt food and Vegemite videos.

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  • mane who took tis man players foo🤣

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  • Why not troydaddy

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  • 2k20 success

    Jay FilaJay FilaAylar önce
  • 2k20.2 looking good!!!

    5,000 Subscribers Without Videos Challenge5,000 Subscribers Without Videos ChallengeAylar önce
  • Troy your probably not gonna see this, but for you next pack opening do odd food combinations from the internet, like banana and sprite, etc.

    Average OnlineYTAverage OnlineYTAylar önce
  • Look im not a bad influence. Im just sayin if you gonna steal do it as a minor - Troydan

    5,000 Subscribers Without Videos Challenge5,000 Subscribers Without Videos ChallengeAylar önce